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Nifty Trading Tips in India

How it Works

Exploit the dual-power of astrological science and research based acumen

Panditvani offers you the best nifty trading tips. This creation is especially planned for traders trading only in index (Nifty/ Bank Nifty/ Nifty FMCG/ Nifty auto/ Nifty metal, etc.). In today’s progressive world there has been a lot of technology that has started ahead so the world started working digitally. Nifty provides the success in business which is based on the strike price which a trader chooses. It helps to reduce risks and maximize profit ratio. We provide the best tips to day traders for making money. We have a team of best analysts, who are focused in tracking catalogue and keep a complete universal track of all the national and international events. Major sectors unify it with highly technical analysis to predict the market activities.

Beside the socio-economic pattern, underlying valuation and research-based logics that influence the prices of a stock or commodity, the financial markets are essentially dominated by the planetary movements and specific time cycles. Given the dependency on diverse elements that subjects the market to irrational and logic-defying movements, something more is needed for investors to rely upon and trade profitably.

The astrological time cycle thus acts as an excellent tool in defining the upward or downward trend in a sector or stocks and make predictions with utmost accuracy. Trading opportunities are revealed by studying the actual positions of the planets, thus short-term and long-term positions are suggested in accordance. The planetary price harmonics also play an instrumental role in predicting the top and bottom prices for a stock, creating immense scope for higher earnings. The most neglected stock that promises no hope starts performing when the time is right and vice-versa.

Panditvani follows a two thronged approach:
(1) Decode the planetary support and resistance level to time the market right, and
(2) Conduct an extensive fact-based research to enable logical predictions; both aspiring for investor's profitability under all circumstances.

Nifty trading tips