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Panditvani provides you the best and unique trading tips. First of all the only solution is to learn the basics of day trading including the best trading tips, strategies and techniques and then start attempting trading. The possibility of buying one or two stocks in the morning and selling them before the end of trading session with considerable profits is really exciting who wants to earn money badly. As the buyer of a stock, the trader gets great satisfaction when he sees the value of the stock increases. Our trading calls work when nothing else does. An exceptional approach to empower in the capital markets that stands successful despite of adverse circumstances. Come and be a part of the money making revolution subscribe to Panditvani for more.

It was the year 2010 when we made our 1st exposure in financial market. With over 8 years of rich exposure in this sphere and in the process of exploring its multi-dimensional aspects, we identified the immense role that astrological science played in movements of the stocks and sectors.

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The possibility of planetary positions and movements having an impact on the financial markets was an exciting one. It could add a third dimension to the financial world. If things could be mapped well to the astrological calendar, a new door to endless profit-making opportunities could be discovered.

Inspired and intrigued by this fact, we began to internally test our theory that pointed towards the significance of astrological science in the capital market performance. For over 10 years, this approach has helped us make implausible accurate predictions, which has encouraged over a hundred thousand traders and investors made immense profits. With the vision to create enormous value for the masses, we now look forward to extend our services to one and all.

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