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    An excellent blend of capital market research and astrological wisdom to create higher winning probabilities
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    Open the doors to unrestricted wealth and abundance with a glorious past record of 97.9% accurate stock predictions.
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    Enroll for our annual plan for Rs. 999* and enjoy uninterrupted PANDITVANI market calls. You can also opt for personalized advice on your existing portfolio and request for an opinion on specific stocks and positions.
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If you subscribe you will get :-
  • Astrology based Weekly Indices View
  • Astrology – Stock of the Day
  • Astrology based Sector wise Market trend
  • Astrology based Weekly Stock Picks
  • Astrology Midweek Review with additional stock picks
  • Astrology based Commodity trend and Trading Suggestion
  • Astrology Alerts (Volatility, Odd news flow, Changes expected in global scenario if any)
  • Astrology based Positional Calls
  • Astrology based Mailer on how some event has/can affect the market
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How it Works

Exploit the dual-power of astrological science
and research based acumen

Beside the socio-economic pattern, underlying valuation and research-based logics that influence the prices of a stock or commodity, the financial markets are essentially dominated by the planetary movements and specific time cycles. Given the dependency on diverse elements that subjects the market to irrational and logic-defying movements, something more is needed for investors to rely upon and trade profitably.

The astrological time cycle thus acts as an excellent tool in defining the upward or downward trend in a sector or stocks and make predictions with utmost accuracy. Trading opportunities are revealed by studying the actual positions of the planets, thus short-term and long-term positions are suggested in accordance. The planetary price harmonics also play an instrumental role in predicting the top and bottom prices for a stock, creating immense scope for higher earnings. The most neglected stock that promises no hope starts performing when the time is right and vice-versa.

Panditvani follows a two thronged approach:
(1) Decode the planetary support and resistance level to time the market right, and
(2) Conduct an extensive fact-based research to enable logical predictions; both aspiring for investor's profitability under all circumstances.

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Why Us

Enriched by over a hundred thousand success stories....

Trading in financial markets is like a treasure hunt. Works at times and does not at others. What if you could hit upon a jackpot? If each time you placed your bet on a stock or commodity, you won?
We can make this happen. We have helped countless traders earn exponential profits through our predictions. You can be next.
Here is what makes our proposition extremely rewarding:-

Reputed Team
With over 20 years of rich experience in the financial markets
Unconventional Approach
A foolproof trading strategy that combines extensive knowledge-base with the benefit of financial astrology
Delivered soaring financial profits to more than 1, 00,000 traders.
97.9% accurate market predictions for more than a decade

Our Achievements

Our predictions have continually proved their worth
by creating unparalleled wealth for our investors.
Here is a glimpse of last year where targets have been
met and profits have surpassed expectations.
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Our Story

The path-breaking technique
that can turn around your fortunes

It was the year 2010 when we made our 1st exposure in financial market. With over 8 years of rich exposure in this sphere and in the process of exploring its multi-dimensional aspects, we identified the immense role that astrological science played in movements of the stocks and sectors.

The possibility of planetary positions and movements having an impact on the financial markets was an exciting one. It could add a third dimension to the financial world. If things could be mapped well to the astrological calendar, a new door to endless profit-making opportunities could be discovered.

Inspired and intrigued by this fact, we began to internally test our theory that pointed towards the significance of astrological science in the capital market performance. For over 10 years, this approach has helped us make implausibly accurate predictions, which has encouraged over a hundred thousand traders and investors made immense profits. With the vision to create enormous value for the masses, we now look forward to extend our services to one and all.

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